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Welcome to Sodotutu UniverSoul Solutions

Your Spiritual Solutions for Highest Living


Want to get off the "merry go round"?
Are you frustrated from living an unauthentic life, but don't know where to start?

Whether you are looking for the deeper meaning of your life or just want to gain spiritual insights or clarity on a particularly life challenge or issue, we can help you!


We offer a full spectrum spiritual coaching system to help you transform your body, evolve spiritualy and align with your Soul. Start today with a spiritual consultation.

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Spiritual Solutions for Highest Living
Full Spectrum Tools for "WHOLE-listic" Living

You don't have to do it alone anymore! The support you need is here.

Full Spectrum Spiritual Coaching System



Feel better instantly by learning to breath better using the comprehensive tools of breathology!



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Breathology sessions are available in person only.  (Ages 11 and up, Limited Time Only Introductory Price) Parents must be present for those under 17

Move beyond old patterns, find your purpose, resolve a pressing issue with a spiritual consultation!


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consultations are via phone,  google chat or in person at exclusive events only.  Please read our disclaimer prior to scheduling your appointment. (Ages 21 and up)

Gently release old negative life patterns, sleep better, manage anxiety with guided meditation!


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Via phone/google chat sessions. Sessions over 30 minutes are in person only. (Ages 21 and up, Limited Time Only Introductory Price)

Transform yourself, gain confidence, build self trust with effective sacred dance, chanting rituals!



Summer Specials


In person classes or workshops will be available this summer. Join our mailing list and FB to stay informed.


(Ages 18 and up, Limited Time  Introductory Price)


SodoTutu Sacred Dance, Chants and Ritual

Sodotutu Sacred Dance, Chants and Ritual helps you transform negative or restraining energies through movements, meditation, rituals, and chants. You learn how to create, build and strengthen your foundations (relationship with ancestors, spirit guides, cosmic forces) using simple techniques using chakras, elements, spiritual/cosmic laws and other energetic tools.

You gain understanding of how to align with your Soul using messages from your physical body or spiritual realms.

Some of the Benefits of Sacred Dance and Ritual

  • Deepen and enhance spiritual life
  • Deep grounding and recentering
  • Manage emotions (energy in motion)
  • Renewing, envigorating, revitalizing spirits
  • Heal the heart
  • Release energy trapped in the emotion body
  • Explore / connect with higher self
  • Be part of a supportive and loving community

 2 ways to participate. Next start date:  Monday, June 1 at 7 PM (minimum 8 people to start group). Maximum 15. Once you register, you will receive the Google Hangout call in number and your  personalized toolkit.

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Radical Self Trust class


Sacred Dance is for Every BODY! 

Learn About my Sacred Dance, Chants and Rituals

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Spiritual Consultations / Coaching

So what is a spiritual consultation or spiritual coaching?

A spiritual consultation is given by someone with a "spiritual gift". This person "divines" on your behalf.  We use tools to gain access to the "spiritual" world.  This is done with your permission. Ultimately, it would be best to learn how to divine for yourself. Divination must not be done for someone else - except in very rare circumstances.

How does it work?

I use one or more "Oracles" to tap into the endless/infinite well of your being - the real you.  It is a conversation between Souls using various tools. I use my clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance. I also use Tarot cards, or other divination tools, your given names, birthdate, animal guide; I may also use numerology or other symbology.  My work is based in Traditional African Spirituality, so I will reference Orisa or Vodou archetypes or cosmic forces/laws if appropriate.  Sometimes I may use nothing at all. 

 This information is passed on to you with loving kindness and clarity.  A spiritual communication does not tell you what is going to happen, it is giving you guidance based on deeper sources and is about your potential only based on the path you are on now. You are still in control and still get to decide what to do or not do. 

What else do I need to  know?

A spiritual consultation is about you, so to get the best out of it, bring your whole self to it. It can be one via phone, chat or in person. If you are "afraid" or not open to it, it does not work. It's like calling someone on the phone and they don't pick up the line. Also, my work is noble in every way. I'm not interested in helping anyone get revenge, effect/affect anyone else. We focus on YOU, transforming your physcial and helping you growth spiritually.

Lastly, this is my passion and I take it very seriously.  I develop my "talents" and aptitute continuously.  I'm an avid student with strong knowledge of spiritual and hidden sciences. I provide information that is accessible to you where you are now. The more you grow, the more information I can provide you.








What can you expect?

You will receive practical advice . Follow them as instructed then follow up with me at later time if appropriate.  For some of you regular support or "coaching" may be needed. For others maybe not.  Repeated spiritual consultations must be avoided until the remedy given has been tried. Another words it is not wise to get consultations without first applying the recommendations given to the best of your ability. Then follow up if necessary. 

Request/Pay for a consultation

 Use "Schedule Me" on the right to request a time.


What types of "work" do you have to do after a reading?

You may be advised to develop yourself using an array of spiritual tools available to us all. For example, your guides, 12 spiritual archetype, or any of the 22 spiritual gifts that can help you realign with your Soul intentions.  For others, you may be guided to use healing modalities, like body work, meditation, rituals, spiritual baths, or home cleanses.

Some of you one consultation is enough. I also have spiritual lifestyle coaching available for those who need more support.

Request/Pay for a (1) consultation

Request More Support

How do you get started?


Sign up and pay for a session. The schedule me tab on the right is there for you to request a time.

You do not need to do anything else. We will contact you to confirm your payment and confirm a time.

I wil request your real name and your real date of birth. You may ask me one question per session. From that question others may develop. But it starts with one well-thought out question so you get the most out of the session.

Request/Pay for a consultation

 Use "Schedule Me" on the right to request a time.


Are You New to Spiritual Counseling?

Here are examples of questions we can address in a 60 minute session:

What can I do now  to be more in-line with my life purpose?

Am I on the right path in my business/job to achieve (desired outcome)?

What do I need to do to align with my life purpose?

How can I move forward and attract more love into my life?

What does the oracle advise to help me increase my clarity, intuition, confidence or wellbeing?

What does the oracle advise to move me towards increase abundance/good health/etc.?

If you are not sure about your questions, let me know. We all need help sometimes ;-).

Request/pay for a consultation

 Use the "Schedule Me" tab on the right to request your appointment.


Is Spiritual Coaching  for You?

Spiritual coaching is right for you if:

  • You  feels the need to integrate their whole self
  • You are interested in the sacred and the supernatural to overcome day to day challenges
  • You come with an open mind, sense of awe/wonder
  • You are reaching for higher/deeper soul connection and peace 
  • You are a seeker of esoteric knowledge
  • You are a seeker of traditional African based spirituality  
  • You are a seeker of ANY earth based spirituality
  • You want create your own unique sacred practice
  • You are seeking deep Soul reconnection
  • You are ready to go beyond perceived limitations or
  • ready to gently face your fears
  • You need a non-judgemental space/person to support you through a transition/phase/season

Learn more about benefits of coaching in general


Request/pay for a consultation

Use "Schedule Me" on the right to request a time.

  Radical Growth Spiritual Life Coaching 

At times, we may want to simply "grow" from a place of comfort. We may not have a particular challenge in mind instead we are just not willing to stay stagnant. 

My fee for this one on one type of coaching ranges from $600 for 6 sessions to $1200 for 12 sessions. All sessions must be used within thres months (6 sessions) or six months (12 sessions).

I do not do single or fewer sessions for this type of work, it would not benefit you. 

Women only. 21 or over.
I focus on three main issues only for 6 or 12 sessions:

1) Radical Self Possession - aligning with your true self calling/purpose using spiritual tools. Who are you? What are you here to do? How to you become more align with your Soul's purpose?

2) Radical  Creativity - aligning with your creative self in the most radical way. This means taking new bold steps (although small) to fully develop a gift or simply to express your creative self unapologetically.  

3) Radical Self Love - defining what self acceptance means to you, nurturing self love, strengthening self trust. This empowerement coaching process is for women who are ready to move boldly into a new world of their creation.

Please complete this intake form to request this more "advancing" spiritual coaching sessions with me.

We will contact you to schedule a free 30 minute consultation to determine if we are the right fit, we will also discuss payment options and schedule all 6 or 12 sessions.  You are invoiced for this type of work.


Jewelry for your body temple


Hand selected made to order beaded spiritual necklace

Semi-precious crystals and resin

One of a kind - cannot be duplicated.

~ Citrine Rounds

~ Amber Rounds

~ Polished Czechoslovakian Glass Beads

The necklace will lighten you up with the energies of good fortune and good luck of citrine.  This amazing crystal works as a success and prosperity stone. Coupled with the very beautiful, lightweight multi-faceted amber it will also help to reduce anxiety, fatigue and weariness.  Color appearance: precious shades of amber, dark and light orange to clear citrine.

Wear this necklace to bring forward a more uplifting positive mood and attract more goodness into your life.

Freda's Ambiance

Available Lengths

Oya's Ribbons of Transformation

This hand made necklace will help support your through life changes by invoking one of seven spiritual energies associated with healing chakra colors.

Hand selected made to order spiritual necklace

One of a kind - cannot be duplicated

Made with:

9 Cowrie Shells
Star shape
Hemp string
Variety of colors

Learn more  Watch Video


Available Colors




Breathology is a trademark service
of Positive Energy Works, LLC

Learn About Personal or Professional Training as a Breathologist with Mama Ayo, the founder of Breathology™.

   What is Breathology?

BREATHOLOGY is the brainchild of Ayo Handy-Kendy. It is the science and art of teaching the awareness of breathing effectively and breath techniques... read more


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 What are the benefits?

We all breathe, right? But did you know that 9 out of 10 people breath ineffectively. Yet The breath... read more


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  What is a breath assessment?

Breath assessement is not the same as a breathing test ... read more


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  What is a breath adjustment?

A breath asjustment is best done in person. Using a simple technique we can assessment... read more


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