Reconceive, Birth, and Nurture The Authentic


Sodotutu Facilitator, Spiritual Dancer, Mentor, Artisan, and Mystic


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The deeper source and meaning of our life is not a surface project or projection but inward journey into our depths.


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Sodotutu Universoul Insights is based on the wisdom of ancient traditions that will guide and help you to achieve inner balance, self trust and a greater sense of belonging.

Our 12 star system can help you to align your inner desires
with the outer world to further increase your understanding and help you balance aspects of these four realities:

Knowledge, Wisdom, Enlightenment (Divine Reality)

Balance, Self-Trust, Oneness (Interpersonal Reality)

Self Awareness, Acceptance, Nurturing (Inner Reality)

Values, Plan, Action (Outer Reality)

The greater your understanding and balance is, the more joy you feel.




Through  mentoring, meditations, sacred dance, and other offerings and spiritual formulas, you will learn how to consistently awaken, nurture and support expressions of your authentic self.

 Building on the foundations of love and trust, Sodotutu will help you discover and transform the hidden sources of many modern day inner conflicts like disconnectedness, lack of focus or desire, physical aches and pains, lethargy, periodic depressive states and other dis-ease and dis-funtions of Soul, mind, and body.  


You will gain more wisdom to:

Overcome the illusion of separation

Trust the foundation of your being

Achieve greater balance between your physical and spiritual realities

You will also learn to better discern between the real and unreal through grounding and foundational work. We can no longer bypass the lessons of our physical body which is often a conflicts for those on a spiritual quest.  Sodotutu system is integrated so it will help you get a good grip on the hard reality of the physical / material work and avoid the traps and illusion of spiritual idealism.


This is a multi-layered integrated empowerment re-Source that helps you to find real life SOL-utions grounded in ancestral and personal history, personal and natural alchemy that will transform and elevate you throughout the natural rhymths of your life.


Sodotutu UniverSoul Insights

Spark of Life Sunrise Meditation Community (Online and by phone)
Sacred Dance and Ritual (Online and in person)

The Hibicus Path (One on One Mentoring)
SUSI Method (Wisdom and Discernment Spiritual Mentoring)
Facilitations and Communication Skills Mentoring (contact me)

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My Personal Sacred Journey

The Hibiscus Path (click here)


We offer many programs free or at low cost to the community.  We believe in the tradition of helping those who are in a receptive cycle temporarily.  Your donations are part of this cycle of giving and is deeply appreciated.  Your money helps support the operations of the following community benefit services.

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Reconceive, Birth, and Nurture The Authentic