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Do you often experience a nagging feeling that there's something more to this life, but you can seem to put your finger on it?

Are you ready to let go of pain, disease, and disharmony in your life?

Contact me for a spiritual lifecoaching consultation to learn  life secrets and principles to harmonious and peacefilled living.



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I’m Irmina Tutu, founder of Sodotutu™. I’m a women’s empowerment and spiritual lifecoach, initiated traditional healer, sacred work facilitator and a certified breathologist.  I offer online and in person coaching, women's group classes and private sessions. I help facilitate self healing from anxiety, chronic stress, inner disharmony of all kinds, and other psychospiritual concerns. I help you identify the root cause and gradually support you on your unique and organic healing process. I practice authentic communication that reflects the source of life that connects us all. As a sacred dance, ritual and chants specialist, I also offer retreats, workshops and conduct rites of passage ceremonies for women and girls in collaboration with other healers.

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"Excellent wonder-filled wise woman who guides and teaches us with her love and joy.  Her new book "Sheya's Quest" is a poetic journey of fiction inspiring us and speaking deeply to our hearts.  Like Sheya I'm on my divine quest to restore love, peace, power, and harmony in my life inside out!?"

Monica W.

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